Liebster Award

When I started this blog 15 months ago (see my very first post here) I had no idea where God wanted to lead me with this. All I knew was back in the fall of 2014, I had many sleepless nights from a whisper God spoke to me. There was something inside of me that longed to do something more and inspire others. That has always been my niche to inspire and create. At that time in my life, with a fairly new baby and a toddler, I felt alone and everything I did was mundane. I had nothing more in my life, aside from my family, that I put value on and took pride in. I knew there had to be something else that I could do to feel not only valued, but give myself a sense of accomplishment. I missed that feeling of having responsibility outside my littles, crazy right? Who would want more responsibility? If you know me well enough, you know I am a busy body and I can never sit tight!

I have always been a dreamer and creator. It was time I took hold of my own dreams and do something for me. It is so important mommas to do something for yourselves. God created you uniquely and wants to use you for the Glory of His Kingdom! That doesn’t look the same for all of us. Your calling may be something small, or it could be world wide spread, that’s the beauty of this adventure! With many pillow talks and praying with my husband, nervously I put my entire life out on the web for everyone to see. All I could do was hope and pray that I reached out to ONE person. I was, well actually still am, my own biggest critic. Every time I hit publish, my heart thumps with anticipation and anxiety on whether or not people will like it. Well, God spoke to me on that too! It doesn’t matter if people don’t like your content, there’s going to be just plain and simple mean people out there. It was in those days I realized if one person was influenced by my blog, than I was successful. Success doesn’t come in the amount of followers or views, it comes in the voice of God using me. That’s a hard one to accept with the enemy constantly feeding comparison and failure in your head. Continue reading →

Barefoot Gypsy

As long as I can remember, I have been a thrill seeker, adventurous, dreamer. I never was one to want to stay indoors and play dolls and tutus. You could find me with a backpack swung over my shoulder, barefoot, and headed straight into mother nature. I had the blessing of growing up on a farm. There was way too many exciting things going on outside, than inside staring at a no cable, fuzzy television. I remember we had a cement slab where an old barn use to stand. There stood these two giant concrete, hollowed, cylinders. My body fit perfectly inside, and I spent most my days stirring up adventures inside those little concrete tunnels. I also remember my feet being filthy and the bath water running black from embracing soil between my toes. I could walk across a gravel driveway with out even thinking twice. I loved the feeling of the cool, crisp grass on my toes and all the different textures hitting beneath my feet. Ask my mister and he will still tell you I love to be barefoot most gypsy

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Life Ever After

Oh my goodness, how I have missed you all! So to answer some of your questions, no I didn’t fall off the face of the Earth, or have some life intervention, no other babies were created (or that we know of yet).  Honestly, life happened! Suddenly I went from civilian wife to military wife just in the blink of an eye! I had just a few weeks to get as much loving, TLC, and daddy time before our lives got flipped upside down. I’ll explain that one later. Let’s just say I spend my time now days writing more with a pen and paper.

military family

So with that said, this will be a little different than most of my posts, but I want to give you all an update on what’s going on over at our table! I don’t only share these moments as an update, but as an encouragement to the ones it may speak to. Since the last time we chatted, life has hit us pretty hard!  God certainly does like to take us on adventures, all twist and turns!

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Tis’ the Season

I am so excited to share with you some of my favorite projects I did this season. I love to decorate our home and fill it with things that tell a story about us. The way you decorate and the things you place in your home can tell a lot about a person. That is what I love about decorating, it’s an expression of one’s self. Even more so, is the fact that I have to DIY most things in our home, and that gives our nest even more character and uniqueness. It is challenging at times to decorate on a shoe string budget, but the challenge is one I love to take on. Craft time napping has become a new form of therapy these days for me!

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Part Two: Hanging Up My Cape

There are days before we even leave the driveway I feel defeated. As moms we try and execute the idea of planning ahead, knowing obstacles that could come. But some things come unexpected, like someone taking the toy they wanted (tantrum), milk spilt, which just happens to be the last drop until I can get another gallon (tantrum), blow out in diaper (suppose we’ll be late again). We can’t do everything as moms, as I’ve said before, we need to hang our capes up some times. Our perfect, executed plan sometimes will fall through. In fact, we will fail many times as a mother. Many times or not, we are going to fail and have to give ourselves grace and forgiveness. happy boys

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Hanging Up My Cape

Having two boys, I am saturated in a boy’s world. Most days I have Nerf gun darts soaring over my head (and over my son’s head too because let’s be honest, I participate in this too). A baby is saved from the burning building with our emergency vehicles and choppers. I am constantly learning the latest moves to fight off the bad guys. A mini Spider Man trots beside me at the mall in a full on cape and mask (my little body guard) and Rescue Bots is in a constant stream on Netflix. These boys and motherhood make me feel like a superhero most days. I mean, I don’t have to be the first to explain the multiple roles we mommas do. How else would you explain a fussy baby on your hip, while cooking dinner (and no one getting hurt), taking an important phone call, and listening to a yelling toddler say “listen to me”…it’s called superhuman powers.Super Hero Continue reading →

Kindness of a Stranger

We were having one of those days where I truly felt hidden cameras were on us. I was just waiting for someone to jump out and say, “surprise, you’re on candid camera, joke’s on us!” It’s a good thing there weren’t any though because my motherhood techniques and patience were thrown out the window. We were on our way to the park and my oldest thought it would be funny to stick a bead (size of a pea) in his nose. Panicked I tell him don’t sniff it in and to blow it out! Of course the mood he was in and being an adventurous, curious boy he is, he takes one big whiff in! I immediately pull over with hazard lights on and come to his side. He tells me he can breath but “it stuck in dere.” Of course, calling the doctors panicked me even more…telling me just to watch him at nap time and make sure he can breath, otherwise it may just get infected and fall out…so basically no good outcome! As we arrive at the park, my littlest battles with a really bad diaper rash and he’s trying to rip his diaper off. Finally I felt so bad for him I decided going all natural and getting that ugly rash some air is just what he needed! And it was, I ripped that diaper off and there my little one played joyfully bottom half naked (in my defense his shirt was long enough to cover most things). Oh the stares I got! I immediately could feel my face getting flushed and my pits getting wet from those stares (or what I thought was), but the comfort and peace knowing my little man was feeling better with no pants won over the sweaty pits! If all that wasn’t enough, my fur baby was greeted and released off his leash while I was chasing around my littles by a preschool class that was sharing the playground. It looked like an episode of “Recess” where the wild kindergarteners look like they came straight out of a cave in the wilderness! So there I had my naked little and my dog running free (and I literally mean free) enjoying the fruits of the Earth. I wanted to wave my white flag, crawl in that same cave I mentioned, and cry. And then it happened…the kindness of a stranger.


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Dare to be a Mom

A few weeks ago, I got an opportunity to sneak away from my babies and get a little bit of bliss for a few days. The Mr. graciously let me tag along to DC on a business trip for work, so long as I promised not to embarrass him. Me, embarrass him, say something I shouldn’t? I can’t imagine that ever happening (said no wife ever)! Anyways, I went and I behaved needless to say. In fact, it was myself that was embarrassed a little. It started as we were sitting in the airport waiting for our flight. All of the Mr.’s co-workers going on this trip as well had the same flight. Quickly I was introduced to a few of his friends from work and started small talk. I was chatting it up with real adults, real conversations, and quickly I realized I don’t even know how to communicate with real adults, outside mothering. These were corporate people and, as I felt like in the moment, way more important and big stuff than this mom (whom I might add was sitting in cute sweats and no make up for a very early flight). As I continued to try and fit the role and keep up on the conversations, I was asked the one question that society uses to quickly identify people with, “oh, what do you do for living?” I answered, trying to make my job sound as cool as what they did. I answered truthfully, but with a feeling of inadequacy and inferiority. I answered, “oh, I’m just a stay at home mom with my boys.”

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Mundane Monday

It is not quit 8 AM and the play room is a wreck. I have changed three dirty diapers already. Evidence of breakfast displays on the floor and cabinets. The sink is full of dishes. My coffee is already cold. I have broken up two fights and disciplined over the same thing three times. We have managed to open up an “ice cream shop”, built a train track, and decorated the refrigerator. Netflix streams Curious George for the third half hour in a row. The bathroom has been turned into a kitchen and the toilet bowl is “roasting soup” I’m told, which in turn has apparently boiled over and found itself on the floor (that’s some tasty toilet water soup).toilet water Continue reading →